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Binary Option Back End Systems

Discover the power of MarketsPulse proprietary software and integrated systems that are included in your solution.

Technology and Finance is what we know best. The binary options trading systems you'll receive are essential to running a successful operation. Our clients benefit from our expertise by having proprietary and best-of breed systems to run the operation and direct contact with our team of binary options experts. Embedded in your binary options trading solution is risk management provided by our team of financial analysts, a robust pricing engine that's continuously maintained by our analysts, a full suite of marketing and incentive systems, and the ability to connect to the MarketsPulse API for 3rd party integration.

See how each one will bring you a complete solution to lead the Binary Option industry.

MarketsPulse API

We won’t limit you with MarketsPulse technology; we’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to integrate and work with a stable and proven API for binary options.

The MarketsPulse API offers the capability for additional customization of your operation by allowing 3rd party software to integrate with our binary option technology. We’ve strategically designed our technology to securely provide existing or new operators the ease to implement and launch additional binary options trading applications and software at any time. In addition to providing a software development kit (SDK) and real-time notifications, our technology team will also provide complete support to understand the full scope and abilities of the MarketPulse API.

For example, one of the benefits of using the MarketsPulse API is you can expand your existing operation by adding Binary Options, or adding Forex and CFDs to your Binary Option operation, and your traders will seamlessly be able to move between systems without knowing and requiring additional log in information.

To discuss more benefits of the MarketsPulse API, contact us today.